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Weather Guard Tool Boxes

Weather Guard Tool BoxesHow many Weather Guard tool boxes can be seen in one day? You just may lose count as Weather Guard is a product that many professionals choose to store their equipment and gear. The tool boxes are innovative and durable to meet the needs required today.
A Leader
Actually associated with Knaack Products, Weather Guard and Knaack are leaders in durable storage units whether they are stationary or portable. The best in functionality, ease of use, numerous sizes and accessories make Weather Guard tool boxes the storage products to reach for. Always searching for new ideas and the current products are constantly being reviewed and redesigned, if necessary, to be better.
Box Options
What are some of the features that you want and need but Weather Guard insists upon incorporating into their products? You will find security, durability, reliability, increase in productivity and organization, convenient and a must-have professional appearance. If you want the best, then choose Weather Guard tool boxes. So what's available?
weather guard tool boxesCross boxes are very similar to Saddle boxes however they open differently. Access can be obtained from either side of the truck and can be opened individually or together. Hi-Side boxes run lengthwise on the side of the bed and lock. Available in aluminum or steel and can be standard or jumbo sized. Lo-Side boxes and Super-Lo Side hold larger tools  and can be used with other various boxes and mount over the side rails of your truck.
Porkchop boxes mount in the bed of the truck and over the wheel well to use the dead space between the wheel well and the tailgate. Saddle boxes go the width of the truckbed and extend over the sides which allows room underneath the box for additional storage for temporary items. Underbed boxes are either aluminum or steel, are lockable and are usually secured underneath but can be attached above the truck bed on your heavy duty trucks.
One great benefit Weather Guard offers is their GearUp Truck Fit Guide which is super cool. It helps you pick out the right Weather Guard tool boxes for your truck. Customer Service or your local dealer can help you too, but at you select the year, make and model of your truck and up comes a complete list of everything you need to outfit your work truck.

Weather Guard also offers all purpose chests, drawer units, ladder racks, transfer tanks and a number of accessories and also replacement parts are available if the need unfortunately arises. They even have storage equipment for vans so both trucks and vans can be fitted with the best storage capabilities possible. They have thought of everything to make your job easier.
When you're at a jobsite, the last thing you need is to be without a tool. Using and optimizing quality portable storage products for your tools and other supplies is a must. Weather Guard tool boxes meet these needs with quality, reliable and durable products.