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Stanley Toolbox

Stanley Toolbox - A Must Have Item

Do you have a Stanley toolbox? When you think of tools and quality, one of the first brands you probably will think of is Stanley. Everyone has owned at least one Stanley tape measure in their life and perhaps several other Stanley products too. And what about their storage products?


Since 1843, we have been using clever tools to help us measure, cut, hammer, clamp and a number of other processes in order to build wagons to skyscrapers. It is only natural that there should be a Stanley toolbox to hold the various Stanley tools that you may use every day. Stanley does offer a number of quality organizers, tool boxes, garage workshops, mobile and soft storage units that can benefit any type of handyman or woman.

Stanley ToolboxEvery home probably has at least one toolbox and if it doesn't, well, then they probably just moved in or they just aren't handy. A toolbox is an organizational tool and can hold a number of smaller and useful items that are helpful around the house. A hammer, screwdrivers and some nails and wire to hang pictures can be nicely contained in this handy device.

Even if it may collect dust, a toolbox can be easily stored underneath the kitchen sink or on a shelf in the garage. They are durable and with their comfy handle, they are easy on the hands to carry. The smaller toolboxes typically are basically a simple box that has a hinged lid that opens on one side with a removable tray inside.

You can find a Stanley toolbox at any home improvement store or other retail store that offers tools and other work related supplies. The toolboxes are typically a durable plastic however galvanized metal can be used too. Regardless, there is a toolbox calling your name.

The Toolboxes

The toolbox can have one or two latches which can be locking or not. The tray you find inside has a handle to lift out of its nesting spot within the box. The tray can have a number of small compartments to keep smaller items contained. The area below the tray is where you can store larger items.

The 013013R which is found in the Series 2000 is a basic toolbox although the lid does have 2 additional storage compartments you can use without having to open the entire toolbox itself. It has one latch that you could add a lock to and a handle which has a rubber coating. For about $15.00, you get a 16 x 8 x 7 inches of storage.

Stepping up to a much heavier duty Stanley toolbox is the 023001W FatMax which is 23 x 11.5 x 10.5 inches of toolbox that has a water tight seal to keep the contents dry. The inside tray only runs 3/4 the length of the box to give you more room for bulky items inside. There are 2 locking latches that can be locked if necessary. For under $30.00, this is a toolbox for the more experienced do it yourselfer.

Don't get me wrong, there are other uses for "tool" boxes. Crafters and fisherman also love toolboxes. You can ensure that every Stanley toolbox is durable and will last you a long time.