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America's Premier Tool Storage Options
Quality is a key feature in all Kennedy tool boxes. For more than 100 years, Kennedy has been providing portable storage boxes designed for the craftsmen in our lives. There is a tool box to fit any storage need and budget.
Storage of tools is very important as this ensures each tool the same home until needed and keeps tools from being damaged. If your tools are here, there and everywhere the length of time it takes to complete a project will take a lot longer than if your tools were organized and in their specific spots. Whether you need a portable version or a more serious chest, the selection of Kennedy tool boxes offers something for everyone.
Your storage need will vary upon how extensive your tool collection is and what and why the tools are used for. Kennedy offers toolboxes you can:
From a limited number of tools to a very large inventory, there is helpful equipment available to ensure your work is done efficiently. You can store tools in the car, the RV or your work truck. The Kennedy tool boxes will even store your tools when space is tight or if you need to roll your tools from job site to job site.
Hand-Carry Tool boxes - These smaller Kennedy tool boxes offer either cantilever or traditional designs. Dividers and partitions can be moved or even completely removed to quickly find the item you need. Each tool box has a steel core with plated locking hardware. The DIY models can be paired with Kennedy's Roller Cabinet and the professional versions have an optional socket set divider.

Modular Cabinets and Toolboards - The modular cabinets are used when weight loads are lower and space in minimal. They can be locked and divider sets for drawers are available. Several benefits are ball-bearing slides, full-width drawer pulls and they are stackable. The toolboards are a vertical storage option which can make use of bins and pegboard feature. These can be mobile or stationary and can store a number of smaller tools and parts.
Kennedy Tool BoxesVersa-Benches and Workstations - The Versa-Benches are made from 11 gauge steel, have 1/8 inch steel work surface and can hold up to 3,600 pounds. If you add 2 casters to the current four 8 x 2 inch roller bearing phenolic wheels, you automatically increase the weight load capacity to 5,400 pounds. The workstations are made of a heavy gauge steel and the drawers have 120 pound weight capacity with a total capacity of 1,000 pounds. The work surface can be steel or a maple butcher block and the legs are adjustable.
The three types of tool boxes briefly discussed here show how versatile the storage options are. They are durable, efficient and quality in every molecule of each product. Kennedy tool boxes are meant to last a life time and are even worthy of transferring from one generation to another.